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High Rockabilly

Calafell  SPAIN        September 10 - 15, 2008

Calafell Beach 11:15am September 11, 2008


Ashley setting the stage


Ramblin' James with The Flyrite Boys




Alex Hall  Jimmy Sutton  Eddie Angel in Calafell on the way to work...

The Neanderthalls

Johnny Rabb


Senor Jose Aguliar, The Premiere de High Rockabilly, seen here with guest Big Sandy and Crew...



Calafell Beach 9:15pm September 11, 2008



Rusty York backstage in Calafell with Linda York September 12, 2008

The Starkweather Boys...



Calafell Beach 4:15am September 13, 2008


Calafell 66 Cafe   10:15am September 14, 2008



Eddie Angel with The Reno Brothers and Stage Manager Pepe Baloo


Eddie Angel with The Reno Brothers; THE PLANET ROCKERS Tribute show







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