Mencher Management & Booking
Action Packed Events

Oneida Casino's Rockin' 50s Festival

July 7-14, 2002

 Green Bay Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Booked By Action Packed Events in coordination with
Oneida Casino & Mencher Management

The following photos are just a few of  the  highlights


Del Villareal introducing Royal Crown Revue


                Paul Burlison    photo:
Steven R. Wolf
& Rocky Burnette


Deke Dickerson    &    The Guilty TEN


                                                                                                                                                                        photo: Matt Robbins



Ronnie Dawson  &  Kevin Smith



                         Big Sandy


Jonathan Doyle                                  Dave Biller

High Noon


Captain Ashley Kingman                                   Jimmy Roy


Lew Williams

Ray Condo



                                   DJ Fontana           photo: Steven R. Wolf


King Memphis




Sonny West                    Matt Robbins


Jussi Huhtakangas  of   The Barnshakers


Sonny Burgess                              Jim Aldridge


The Extraordinaires



The Collins Kids w/ Deke Dickerson at Oneida 2002




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