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August 3 - August 12, 2012

Senigallia ITALY     

Sir Marshall Lytle August 9, 2012
 with The Goodfellas

Radio Arancia FM Italy alive and well - kicking it out to over half a milion...!


DJ Elwood





Narvel Felts
 with The Good Fellas August 3, 2012


Narvel Felts
 with Johnny Law and fans



Narvel Felts
 with Sir Robert Austin


Narvel Felts
 with The Good Fellas August 4, 2012







Piero and Savino
"masters of sound"


Senigallia at midnight
August 3, 2012


Roy Kay
 with The Good Fellas August 11, 2012




Master Chef Luciano



Summer Jamboree Directors Alessadro Piccinini and Angelo DiLiberto
with DJ Andrea Macarone

 live on air with Radio Arancia Italy


Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies
August 5, 2012, Foro Annonario Senigallia Italy


Caterina Di Liberto, Director of Affairs
 Summer Jamboree













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