High Noon


High Noon   Austin Texas   November 8, 2008
Eric Laufer's Memorial Concert


"I've said it before and I'll say it again, HIGH NOON is the greatest Rockabilly trio on planet Earth. The Texas-based threesome rarely play together these days, all them pursuing their own successful projects. So it was a delight to witness this reunion. They display no signs of rustiness, and their sound remains as tightly knit as a Rocking Rex sweater. Sadly, Kevin Smith is currently playing bass on tour with Dwight Yoakam. We could ask for no better qualified substitute than Jimmy Sutton, his harmonies an effective foil for Shaun Young on I'm Still Blue. High Noon's songs have become an integral part of the Rockabilly revival movement, so it is no surprise songs such as Flatland Saturday Night and Rocking Wildcat sent the felines crazy. Rattlesnake Daddy even manages to capture a genuine spark of Elvis' lightning-in-a-bottle from 1954, yet the highlights for me were the haunting Hanging From The Old Oak Tree and the true genius of guitarist Sean Mencher with the instrumental Comanche Moon."  DJ Bill Smoker, Great Britain, March 2006


                                                    Kevin Smith                            photo: M. Mattos
October 31, 2008 Continental Club Austin Texas


Sean Mencher, Shaun Young and Kevin Smith formed High Noon in Austin, Texas in 1988 through a mutual love of roots & rockabilly music. For the next seven years IN A ROW, High Noon was named Austin's "Best Rockabilly Band" by the cities music journal, The Austin Chronicle. During these seven years, The Trio released a multitude of records, 45's, 78's, CD's and even a 10" vinyl disc. They played not only throughout the United States, but toured Russia, Scandinavia, Japan, Central Europe and The Canary Islands.  In 1994, High Noon played the world renown, Carnegie Hall, in New York City, USA with Ronnie Dawson.  With Ronnie, they went on to perform on NBC TV,  Late Night with Conan O'Brien Show.

Ronnie Dawson w/ High Noon & Lisa Pankratz      Carnegie Hall   New York  1994

From 1996 till 2001, High Noon took an extended hiatus.  Children were born and side projects developed.  Bass man, Kevin Smith played with a wide variety of Austin bands including the Asylum Street Spankers, 8 1/2 Souvenirs, Hot Club Of Cowtown and many others. Lead guitarist, Sean Mencher relocated to New England where he began producing recordings for groups enthralled by his sound and work with High Noon. He formed his own group, Sean Mencher and His Pine Tree Three, and performed regularly with Wayne "The Train" Hancock until 1999. Lead singer Shaun Young formed Shaun Young and His Texas Trio, as well as pursued drumming, a life long love.  Shaun drummed for the Horton Brothers as well as for the the Jive Bombers, a group he helped develop.

In 2000, High Noon broke the silence by headling the Viva Las Vegas Festival in Las Vegas Nevada USA.  Then, with an invitation to headline the worlds largetst roots music festival, Green Bay's Rockin' 50s Festival in 2002, The trio decided to reunite in Austin to make their first recordings in more than five years.  The result, perhaps their greatest efforts to date, What Are You Waiting For, was embraced by their fans.  In 2002 High Noon released What Are You Waiting For in Green Bay.  They continued to play dates that year including The Buddy Holly Festival in Lubbock Texas as well as additional dates throughout the midwest.  2003 was an off year for The Trio, however High Noon returned to Oneida Casino in Green Bay for their New Years Eve Gala in 2004 where they performed their own headlining set as well as backed up the legendary Rosie Flores.  The Trio returned to Green Bay in April 2005 again to headline the Rockin' 50s Festival II. 

In 2006, scheduled to headline The Rockabilly Rave in Camber Sands East Sussex England, High Noon experienced a landmark change.  After 20 years, High Noon made a substition... bass man Kevin Smith received a telephone call from Dwight Yoakam in December 2005.  Mr. Yoakam was looking for a bass player.  He had heard Kevin Smith was, as we all know, THE MAN.  Yoakam flew Smith to California for a few auditions and then the subsequent role as bass man for Yoakams annual New Years Eve Gala at Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield California.  Following this December 31 date in Bakersfield, Smith was offered the permanent job with Yoakam for the year.  Smith recognizing the importance of the European booking spoke with Mencher and Young and with their support, Smith telephoned the only viable substitute... Chicago bass legend, Jimmy Sutton.  Sutton agreed to the job and for the first time ever, March 11, 2006 the High Noon Trio changed... The adapted lineup ROCKED the capacity crowd in to a frenzy... two encores in Camber Sands with an energy and vitality only possible when magic and sparks come together.

Shaun Young, Jimmy Sutton, Sean Mencher
March 2006 Great Britain

High Noon's future is yet again an uncertainty.  And just as we were wondering if there would ever be another High Noon appearance, the Origiinal trio, Shaun, Sean and Kevin, surfaced for two concerts in Austin Texas, October 31, 2008 at the legendary Continental Club and then a week later for a special appearance at the
memorial concert for Eric Laufer.  The Trio played to fans who echoed back there famous lyrics song after song.

IF you listen closely, if you tune out all the static and pop... you can still hear in all the cats hollerin', WE WANT MORE!!!  








High Noon w/ Ronnie Dawson at Rodeo Bar New York City April 28, 1994


1988 Austin Texas

                                                        THE ORIGINAL HIGH NOON                               photo: G. Brainard
    Sean Mencher                        Shaun Young                Kevin Smith



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