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Marshall, Joey & Franny... b.k.a Bill Haley's Original COMETS on stage at
Madison Square Garden New York, NY USA 2003


Ronnie Dawson


Robert Plant    Jimmy Page    Albee Rogers    Billy Lee Riley     Sonny Burgess       Little Milton
Montreux Switzerland Jazz Festival July  2001


High Noon   at   The Continental Club,  Austin TX

Rosie Flores          photo M. Lynam

                       Kieran Kane  &  Kevin Welch
                                 Kevin Rafferty/
Continental Club in  Melbourne Australia                            Scarecrow Photography



The Blazers... Cumbia!



                                                                                   photo: Steven R. Wolf



Ray Condo & His Ricochets on stage at Lincoln Center,  New York  July 1999



Jimmy Sutton's  Four Charms


Sean Mencher  &  Mike Barfield


Jacky  &  Lillian  in France



Heather Myles Oneida Casino Green Bay Wisconsin USA 2003


Ronnie Dawson w/ The Go Getters  July 14, 2001
Mirande France Music Festival


Carl Sonny Leyland

Randy Weeks


Marti w/ The Barnshakers


Sean Mencher   &   Bill Kirchen


Ray Condo



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