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Rosie Flores

                                                                        Bill Kirchen                                                 photo: Jim Alexander
September 2004 on stage at The Johnstown Folk & Heritage Festival
Johnstown Pennsylvania


Nick Curran        Sean Mencher     Ronnie Dawson     August 1997    relaxing  on Peaks Island  USA


Oneida Casino, Green Bay Wisconsin USA


Ronnie Dawson   Fans   at   Mirande Music  Festival,  France    2001


Ronnie Dawson  &  Sean Mencher Freeport Maine 1999


King Memphis 1994 Publicity photo


Miss Mary Ann


The Barnshakers



Bill Kirchen on Air WMPG  90.9  FM  Portland Maine


Ray Condo w/ Stephen Nikleva at The Casbah San Diego CA 1997


Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms
July 2002


                                                                                                                                                                                                          photo: Matt Robbins



Sean Mencher w/ Ray Condo in   Portland, 2000




The Robbins  1957



                Rosie Flores in Portland Maine with Sean Mencher  August 2004      photo: Chuck Muldoon
Shane Kiel on Upright bass and Mark Cousains on drums




                                                                        Kieran Kane                                                             Kevin Rafferty/
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Scarecrow Photography




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