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September 8,  2006   Sean plays a
60 minute show in Cala Fell Spain in front of 600+ people and then works with Rosie Flores
and Ray Campi the very next night in front of 2000+ roots/rockabilly fans.

Sean with Mario Cobo, Daniel Nunes and Blas Picon on stage in Cala Fell Spain September 8, 2006

Sean with special guest Deke Dickerson on stage in Cala Fell Spain Sept, 8 2006

Sean acknowledges a friend in the audience from Holland


Sean with Rosie Flores on their way to the venue, Cala Fell Spain September 2006


Sean Mencher performs an assortment of original songs blended with American standards and classics. 
Sean's five piece combo blends the best of traditional American music including rock n’ roll, western swing,
bluegrass, jazz, blues and rockabilly.  From Duke Ellington to Buddy Holly to Les Paul, Sean's combo keeps
the seats empty and the dance floors filled. 


Al Hawkes on stage with Sean Aug 2004 National Folk festival

Sean performs with accuracy and attention generating a professional attitude that’s
quick and easy to identify and follow along with.
He leads with his unique thumb-pickin’ guitar style of Boogie & Swing
that has taken him from Carnegie Hall, to an appearance on
Conan O’Brien- NBC, to Lincoln Center. 

                                                                                  Michael G. Stewart

Sean has also worked for Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Ronnie Dawson, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Billy Lee Riley,
Rosie Flores, Sonny Burgess, Dig Wayne (Buzz And The Flyers), Al Hawkes and Hank Williams III.

Throughout the 1980s through the mid 90s, Sean Mencher toured and performed around the world with
his Austin Texas based group, High Noon.

Sean moved to Maine from Austin, Texas in 1994, where he has pursued his music career full-time. 
New England based lineup, features Kris Day on upright string bass, Mark Cousins on Drums,
Jay Termini on acoustic rhythm guitar, and Zach Ovington on fiddle.
  Whether leading this New England
based Combo at a swing dance or producing a band in the recording studio Sean is always busy sharing
his love of music and his special talent for entertaining folks from all walks of life.  Artists and musicians
from around the world have sought out Sean to produce their CDs or just to have Sean Mencher play guitar for them.

From 1996 to the present Sean Mencher has performed for the National Folk Festival, CBS TV show, “Good Morning Portland”,
for The Governor at his inaugural at the State Capital in Augusta, The Maine Festival, The Rockland Lobster Festival, New Year’s
Portland, The Governors Conference for a Creative Economy as well as The Fryeburg Fair, and Green Bay's Rockin' 50s Fest I &
II.  In March 2006, Sean returned to Europe for his first extensive tour since the early '90's.  In Great Britain, Sean performed live at
The Rockabilly Rave roots music festival with his band High Noon.  Sean also played lead guitar for Dig Wayne at the same festival. 

Dig Wayne and Sean Mencher
March 10, 2006  East Sussex England

From The UK, Sean with Dig Wayne traveled to Berlin Germany where they rehearsed songs and made demo
recordings for Dig Wayne's new record.  Axel Prafeke and Ike Stroller with Mark Lehman on bass worked
with Dig and Sean in Berlin on the project.  Following the week of recordings in Berlin, Sean and Dig said good
bye to Axel and Ike and joined up with Randy Richter on drums and Vasilli Braband on bass for concerts in
Berlin and Munich.  With the help from Bavarian great, BIG EL, the band concluded business... said good bye...
and all went separate ways... Dig back to the USA and Sean...

Sean Mencher with Big El and Dig Wayne
March 2006 Munich Germany

From Munich, now on his own, Sean traveled to Switzerland and connected with The King Louis Combo's
rhythm section featuring Paul Burkhalter on drums, Marcel
Baschung on bass, Rockabilly Sally on acoustic
rhythm guitar and producer Juan Rodriguez on second telecaster guitar and guest vocals. 

      Juan C. Rodriguez and Paul Burkhalter with Sean in Erlinsbach Switzerland March 23, 2006   AND in Erlinsbach with Paul, Marcel and Sally... The Rockin' Dogs!            

This extremely talented, and well rehearsed combo accompanied Sean for two concerts in Switzerland; Balsthal and Erlinsbach.
Both shows were played to packed audiences that helped Sean and the The Dogs close down both houses well after midnight! 
For those that were there... no worries... SEAN WILL BE BACK in September, 2006, March 2007 and August 2007!!!

The Rockin' Dogs!
Erlinsbach Switzerland with Sally, Marcel and Juan...

At the end of the third week, Sean traveled to St. Denis de Bourg, FRANCE, for a Blue Monday Concerts
event scheduled for Saturday March 25, 2006.  That night, in Salles des Fettes Hall, Sean made a guest appearance-
performing three songs including Flatland Saturday Night- with Holland's THE RENO BROTHERS.  Later in the
evening, just before Johnny Powers show, Sean returned to the stage solo- his trusted 1983 Fender Telecaster and
himself.  The Audience was treated to 15 minutes of GENIUS... just Sean and his guitar. 

Sean Mencher
March 25, 2006 Salle Des Fetes, St. Denis Les Bourg, France

Blue Monday Proprietor, Jacky Patonnier with Sean

And finally that night, well into the following morning, Sean worked with Sun Records hero Sonny Burgess.
Sean played second Telecaster for Sonny through Sonny's entire 60 minute show which turned out to be more
than two hours in length with four extended encores to a capacity crowd that just would not give up- finishing
just at 3:00am Sunday morning March 26, 2006- the giant dance floor filled!!  THAT CROWD, IN ST. DENIS

Sean on stage with Sun Records Legends SONNY BURGESS, Kern Kennedy and Bobby Crawford
St. Denis Les Bourg France March 25, 2006



                                                                                                                                                                  photo: Michael G. Stewart/ N.C.T.A.
Sean on stage at The National Folk Festival
Bangor Maine 2004



                                                                                                                                                                 photo: Michael G. Stewart/ N.C.T.A.
Jay Termini w/ Sean at The National Folk Festival


Sean w/ Maine Governor Baldacci at The Governor's
NEA Conference For A Creative Economy May, 2004

Sean w/ Bill Kirchen  Portland Maine  1999


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           photo: Matt Robbins


Sean waiting on the wing St. Denis les Bourg France March 25, 2006

Sean's gig in Balsthal Switzerland March 22, 2006



Sean with fan in St. Denis Les Bourg France March 25, 2006


Miss Mary Ann,  Sean,  Kim Lenz...  &...  Janis Martin in  the  background  on  stage in England March, 2006




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